Am I ready for pointe?

I am 13 going on 14 and I wanna know am I ready for pointe? I train constantly and do things a lot. I practice at home and try my rises and I have good balance.


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  1. Dancer
    Dancer says:

    You should ask your ballet teacher cause your teacher is really the only way to know completely because your teacher knows your abilities. If you start to early it could be bad for you.

  2. jacqueline
    jacqueline says:

    You need to ask your tecaher, but these are the genral rules and you need to ask yourself if you apply to all of these. I’m 13 and have been doing pointe for 3.5 months

    Requirements for pointe:

    1. Student must be at LEAST 12 years old.

    2. Student must have a minimum of 2-4 years of ballet training.

    3. Student must train at least 2-3 times a week.

    4. Student must always stand with very good turn out.

    5. Student must use plie when neccessary 9after jumping for example)

    6. Student must have good foot articlation (feeling and brushing through the floor while doing things like tendus)

    7. Student must have a decent arch

    8. Student must ALWAYS be engaging core muscles and always needs tos tand with prefect posture. This means that your back is stick straight, your stomach is lifted, your shoulders are squared, your chest is being huffed out, and you are pulling in your butt/ tucking it under.

    9. You need to have good alignment and make sure you are always standing over your legs

    10. You need to have very good balance.

    11. Student must always have straight elgs and should NEVER EVER EVER have bent legs, even the slightest bit.

  3. dancinggrace
    dancinggrace says:

    You need to be sure you have strong feet and ankle muscles. Use stretch bands everyday to strengthen your feet. If your feet and ankle muscles are not ready and your growth plates have not fused in your feet you can have foot deformities. I started pointe at 11 even after a year of pre-pointe training. I found this out from a podiatrist after having foot pain. Since then I have developed my arch more, wear custom orthopedic inserts in good support shoes (Asics). I also use a spacer between my big toe and next toe because I have a genetic tendency for bunions. I criss-cross the elastics on my pointe shoes for better support too. All of this helps. I am now 13 and I believe my growth plates have fused so it is not as dangerous now for the deformities. I was even wrapping my feet at night before going to bed to counteract the bunion tendency. I also go to a chiropractor sometimes to get my feet adjusted. That helps a lot & feels so good! As aaaa dancer your feet are very important and you must take care of them.

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    Melia Oviedo says:

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  5. Anna
    Anna says:

    Before you go on pointe, you want to get a blue or green Thera-band and practice religiously to strengthen your feet. Wrap it around your foot and pointe and flex. Then hold it to one side and cronate out and in. I hope you get on pointe soon! I love it!

  6. Sinalyn
    Sinalyn says:

    Ask your ballet teacher. It’s not worth just ping on without permission by a ballet teacher. You could seriously injure yourself.

  7. Ari
    Ari says:

    It is all up to your ballet mistress. Balance helps but the main thing you need for pointe are strong ankles. It is very good that you practice at home as this also helps.
    If you are not on pointe yet and wish to be, I’d recommend some daily stretches that focus on your ankles and legs. A good one I’ve found (though I am blanking on the name) is crossing one leg over the other so that your ankles are touching but your crossed leg’s toe nails are on the floor. Keep your legs tight together and bend both knees. Be sure you are parallel to the wall if you are at a barre.
    Also do many plie releves and ever-so-often, let go of the barre.
    Another stretch that I think is nameless goes like this. First you plie. Next you roll over your toes (on Demi pointe if you are on flat). Then you straighten your knees and lower down. Then you do the opposite. Rise up, roll over the toes (bend your knees while on Demi pointe), lower down in plie, and straighten. My fellow dancers and I often do this one on pointe but it works on flat as well.
    Also simply stretching your calves and rolling over your toes (without standing rolled over your toes, that could lead to injury) can improve your abilities.
    The reason ankle strength is nessecary is the threat of rolling your ankles. This is when you are on pointe but your ankles are turned out and you roll off pointe, severely twisting your ankle. Therefore pointe is a slow process and even once your ballet mistress allows you to go on pointe, it takes quite awhile to get off the barre.
    Good luck and I hope your ballet mistress allows you to go on pointe, I personally think it is much fun! 🙂

  8. Bella
    Bella says:

    Ask your teacher. If she doesn’t think your ready, request a year of pre pointe. I’m sure she’d be happy to at least give you that!!! 😉 hope she says yes though

  9. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Go for it! You can ask your ballet teacher to be sure, but as long as you dance consistently and have strong enough ankles and feet, you are ready for pointe! Just make sure you are good in ballet slippers so you don’t have to learn technique or steps for the first time on pointe. Have fun and good luck!


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