Can’t find the Hamstring muscle

When I’m doing a develope to the front or side, I can get fairly high. However, my teacher tells us to “lift from under the thigh, not from the quad”, and I know I’m lifting from my quad because that’s what’s sore after class. I’ve tried for a year now to figure out how to access this muscle that’s supposedly under my thigh and somehow just can’t find it. It seems so stupid to not be able to use a muscle that I know I must have. any suggestions?

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  1. firebirdjewel
    firebirdjewel says:

    ok i have this same problem, and this is what helps me:
    *think of EXTENDING your leg, not just lifting it

    *turn out turn out turn out – if you’re turned out well, you use the quad a WHOLE lot less
    ( you might not get as high at first, but you’ll be using the right muscles)

    * as to utilizing your hamstring, i don’t know if this is the actual hamstring, but i find that if i focus on really straightening my knee, and stretching the tendons right underneith that really helps. really.

    * work on developpes on the floor, just lie on your back and do them to the front and side, since you don’t have the pull of gravity, you can really work on form

    * try doing a heel stretch, then letting go and trying to hold your leg at that same height

    developpes have been a problem for me, but since i’ve started these exercises, i found myself getting higher and i’m doing them right.
    good luck!

  2. Tyciol
    Tyciol says:

    I’m not sure what your teacher is getting at. Lift from the thigh… not the quad? The quadriceps muscle IS the thigh muscle…

    Does she maybe mean lift by the hip flexor? That would still make your quad sore, they’re rather connected in tensions.

  3. Rachael
    Rachael says:

    just in reply to Tyciols comment…. the quadraceps are not the ‘thigh’ muscle… they are one of the muscles which make up the thigh, the quads are found at the front (on top) of the thigh, and the ham stings and glutials are at the back of the thigh, it is these second muscles which dance teachers tell you to use beccause if you use the front muscles they become over developed and spoil the line of the leg.

  4. Mel
    Mel says:

    What i do, for the side, is i try to get my knee to touch my shoulder, and instead of extending out i try to extend up, or even behind me to get maximum height. of course, it never gets behind me but helps me to visualize. But you have to be careful about displacing things too much, or it gets the height but looks hideous.

    In regards to the front, i have no idea.


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