Figuring out dance steps

I like to watch ballet videos on the internet and would like to learn some that I’ve seen and especially loved. however, sometimes i can’t tell what a step is, or i don’t know the name. ( i’m beginner/intermediate level) does anyone know of a website or anything that might help me in breaking down the steps in a dance?

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  1. april
    april says:

    I would recommend contacting an organization that has a RAD(Royal Academy of Dancing) or Chechetti method..that way you have guidance and explanation..could lead to going to courses that break down the syllabus..which is ballet could go thru the levels and learn lots!

  2. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    One of the best books on steps you can possibly get is Vaganova’s Basic Principles of Classical Ballet. It is a small book but explains the foundations of ballet exactly. Steps and positions are clearly broken down, with extremely clear line drawings of how steps and positions are supposed to look. This is the basis of the ballet academies that taught such dancers as Baryshnikov, Nureyev and other exemplary dancers.


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