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I am 11 years old. I am still absolutely terrible at doing double pirouettes and all of my friends can. I have tried very hard in class and I just can’t. Any tips? Also when and if I am able to do a pirouette, when can I go on pointe?

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  1. Ntoh
    Ntoh says:

    If you are having trouble doing double pirouettes you should try to practice standing in retiré position and stand on pointe(if you are trying to do double pirouettes on pointe) or demi pointe and try to balance there. The longer you can balance there, the more rounds you can turn when doing pirouettes. If you are having trouble balancing, you can hold on to something to support your weight.

  2. JeteGirl
    JeteGirl says:

    Don’t worry about not being able to do doubles. Everyone has trouble with pirouettes at first because they are really tricky. You will soon get it. :). I don’t know if this works for you because it only works for some people but when you next try a double just think about doing a single with another whip of the head, it usually gets you around twice. This is advice from a great dancer so I hope it helps! Also what Ntoh said is very helpful too. Hope this helps and you get doubles soon. Also, on pointe just go one turn at a time. Don’t rush into heaps and heaps too soon. 🙂

  3. NYCballetbaby1
    NYCballetbaby1 says:

    try practicing pasè and balance. work more on the side that is the worst. also think of all of the things that your teacher taught you about pirrouetts. Hoped that helped you!:)

  4. Livelovedance
    Livelovedance says:

    When you are doing RIGHT turns try to spot with only your LEFT eye, and vice versa for the other side. This way, your entire head gets around better and your head is what powers your turn. Also, when doing doubles it might help to think 1 pirouette, then one more. This way you can focus on one turn at a time instead of spinning twice. Also, doing a pirouette has nothing to do with pointe. Your teacher must examine how strong your ankles are and how well you can balance etc. To help you get on pointe faster, you should do ankle excersizes. For example, 32 releves in all the positions, then repeat with eleves. also you could do ankle rolls; 20 to the right and 20 to the left. Lastly, do balances in sous sous, coupe, and posse. Hope I helped, and sorry for the long response 😉 good luck

  5. LiveJinxed
    LiveJinxed says:

    I was having the same problem! The thing I was doing wrong was I was using too much force and throwing myself around. Try to slow down and focus on spotting and holding your body in place c:

  6. Shu shu
    Shu shu says:

    Several things go into turners. Make sure you hold your body together. My students have the tendency to try to turn the upper body and then the lower body. We’ll you got to keep it together. Look at ice skaters. If you are not connected, you will b lucky to get around once. Don’t think about going around but about going up and let your turn out and arms pull your body. I hope this helps. It is hard to tell not being able to see you. Hope this helps

  7. Lailagirl300
    Lailagirl300 says:

    Hi I have been doing ballet since I was two years old and now I am eight so I think I could help, just don’t think about it or any thing while you are doing it , that what my mom told when when I was trying to do it and I can . Also you will start pointe when your foot muscles are strong enough to dance on your toes. My sister started pointe when she was 10 years old and now she is 12 years old, so it will be soon for, by the way 10 years old is a little early for pointe so don’t worry people normally start at age 12 or 13 mostly 14. I hope I helped you, thanks ,Laila.


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