How do I get my leg higher when doing an Arabesque?

I have been trying to get my leg higher but it just won’t go. Is it from bad form, lack of strength or both? Can anyone help me with this problem. I really want to be the best dancer I can.

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  1. Justine
    Justine says:

    I had the same problem when I first started ballet. You need to strengthen your legs. Since you can already get at a 90 degree angle, thats a good thing because it wont take as long for you to reach your goal. First, find a chair that isn’t a little kids chair (normal height)- I advise you to have a wall or something to put your hands on just incase you start to fall over. Put the chair behind you and rest your leg on it on a 90 degree angle. (So pretty much do an arabesque and rest your leg on the chair) After you gain your balance, slightly lift your leg above the chair and hold for 16 counts. Do this a few times during the day. Then the next day, find something higher to rest your leg on and slightly lift it above the object (I recommend a windowsill). After a few weeks or days depending how much progress you make, you’ll be able to get your leg as high as you want.

  2. firebirdjewel
    firebirdjewel says:

    Strengthening your back will also help. What i do is i do reverse sit ups ( on your tummy, as opposed to your back)
    Also, if you stretch you legs that might help. try to do a backcatch and hold for twenty or thirty seconds. ( hold on to something if you do this, don’t want to fall over! believe me, i’ve done it before…lol)
    most of all, just keep practicing your arabesques…

  3. Tyciol
    Tyciol says:

    Just casually lifting your feet high up to do things will make them stronger, like in the basement when I pull the cord to turn the light on/off, I grasp it with my toes. The arabesque is with the leg in the back though, so the best bet is just to train that.

    While you do slow active stretching, you may want to invest in an ankle weight for strength and endurance. Train on and off, while you’re on you should be able to lift higher, and focus on height rather than duration.

    Holding a chair or that ballet bar is a good idea too. It stabilizes you. Eventually, you want to do it without it (which you should do after you’re done with it), but the stability will let you focus more on getting pure tightness and not on not falling over.

  4. Nobody!
    Nobody! says:

    i have exactly the same problem. try doing something that is called spider up the wall. you might have heard of it. lay on your tummy and put your hands under your shoulders, then push up with hands and keep your hips on the floor. do this at least three times a day and after a while try and lift a leg.

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    Me says:

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