How do I know I got the right fit for pointe shoes?

I notice that I sometimes feel pressure when I wear my point shoes. But I was quite sure I bought ones with the right fit when I did. How do I know I got the right fit for pointe shoes?

Many thanks

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  1. Madison
    Madison says:

    You should have them prefessionally fitted instead of asking over the internet (you can’t trust what strangers say) or even ask your dance teacher. From just reading a couple of words it is hard to tell what your problem is.

  2. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    Madison is right, it’s impossible for us (online) to know what is right for you – only YOU know how your shoes feels. If in doubt ask your teacher or return to the shop and try on other pairs (it should take about an hour or so to get fitted for your first pairs, unless you know EXACTLY what shoe you should be wearing) comparing with your original pair. Any fitter worth their salt will not let you leave the shop with incorrectly fitting pair of pointe shoes.

    Different foot shapes will dictate what style and make of shoe is right for you. Pressure is pretty normal inside pointe shoes (you’re compressing your foot unnaturally after all!) but if you’re experiencing pain beyond the ‘usual amount’ of discomfort, or pain that does not go away as soon as you change your stance or take the shoe off, do not continue wearing the shoe or you may be doing nerve damage to your toes/feet. Judicious padding or taping might aid the issue, but ask your teacher first.

    If possible, ask them to come to the shop while you’re fitted – they have a vested interest in keeping you dancing and preventing young dancers from sustaining a foot injury is top priority! Good luck and do let us know how it goes.

  3. Gwyn
    Gwyn says:

    Sometimes even if a certain brand of shoe is fitted to you and is the right size, it is the wrong shoe. That happened to me. I tried four different brands of shoes before I found the perfect one and my came to my fitting every time. You should ask your teacher to pay special attention to the way you break in your shoes and if she thinks you need a new kind.
    Good Luck. I hope you find a good pair of shoes.

  4. Pixie R.
    Pixie R. says:

    Sometimes, depending on the day, a shoe’s fit may not feel correct, because your feet can swell from things like salt in your diet, use, time of day, and so many more factors. If they didn’t feel right one day, but felt right at fitting, keep trying them a few ore times, but don’t push it if they still feel wrong. Pointe shoes that don’t fit right are bad and can even be dangerous.

  5. Ellie
    Ellie says:

    Hey I have been on pointe for nearly a year now, I got them professionally fitted and I got told you have to have them tight but not so that you can’t move your toes, normally when you buy normal shoes you get room in them for your toes to grow but you most definitely can’t with pointes. I hope that helps and your get the perfect fit by the end

  6. Miss Jessica
    Miss Jessica says:

    You should definitely be fitted in person by a professional. They understand foot types and shapes, and have a knowledge of a large variety of shoes that are available. They will be sure the shoe is right for your foot, as well as if the shoe is fitting you correctly. That being said, pointe shoes are never comfortable; it’s finding the one that fits best for your foot. Many dancers stop pointe work because it hurts and it is a lot of work. Do your research and find the closest dance store near you that has an experienced pointe shoe fitter; I travel over 2 hours for my shoes. And remember, you should be refitted at least once a year. As you grow, your foot will change, and even if you are done growing, your foot will continue to change as you get stronger.

  7. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    For Pointe shoes, you should definatly go for a professional fitting. Google dance studios and supliers near your area, and I’m sure some of them can do fittings 😉


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