How to do a split?

I have been trying to do the splits for a long time and I still can’t. Would you please suggest the most convenient way for me to do a split?


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  1. ballereyna
    ballereyna says:

    Try to do the splits everyday, the more you try the further down you get, I experienced the same exact thing I was the only in the class who didn’t achieve the splits but practicing and stretching over the summer really helped me get all the way down .I hope that helps Amanda!

  2. sbhayes15
    sbhayes15 says:

    You could try doing each split, as far down as you can handle (pain wise), and then hold each for at least 30 seconds. (: Or you get get a physical therapy band and pull your leg as far as you can handle towards you for at least 30 seconds. (: That’s how I got my splits, hope I helped!

  3. vickylu1
    vickylu1 says:

    Firstly warm up, by moving around for at 10 minutes, then limber up, stretches, lunge stretch as far down as you can, as close to splits as you feel comfortable, lift slightly out of this for a moment when you feel the stretch is too intense but don’t lift completely out then go back down, you’ll find you can stretch further. Do this on both sides until you are ready to do the actual splits. Making sure you are in a warm room will help too as it helps the muscles relax more so you can stretch further. Also see the other comments, the resistance band is good if you are unable to grab your leg directly. Good luck!

  4. NYCballetbaby1
    NYCballetbaby1 says:

    Well you can practice splits while watching TV or you can do grand battlements and pliès. don’t worry I have the same problem and this is what I do:) NYCballetbaby1

  5. Caleigh101
    Caleigh101 says:

    Ok so stretch everyday , when your watching tv stretch, when your waiting for the microwave to stop stretch, before you dance stretch, getting your splits is all about stretching and practicing.


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