Is it O.K. to buy shoes with room for growth?

My daughter has been dancing for a few months now. I’d like to save some money so I’m thinking of buying shoes with room for growth. Is it okay to do that?


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  1. Madison
    Madison says:

    It can be very dangerous. A ballet shoe should be fit and snuggly around a dancers foot. If their shoes are to big a dancer could trip or fall over. If you are wanting to save some money have a look at they have really cheap dancewear and shoes

  2. Gwyn
    Gwyn says:

    If your daughter is younger than about ten years old it is usually safe to buy with a little room for growing. If she is older it will take longer for her feet to grow you would most likely be needing new ones before they are too tight to dance in anyways. If you are getting pointe shoes though it is very dangerous to get to big of a size, it can do a lot of damage. I hope that helped your situation.

  3. Leighton
    Leighton says:

    All shoes stretch out and form to your foot, so you should go and have a shoe fitting at a dance store usually studios will recommend stores

  4. Miss Jessica
    Miss Jessica says:

    For young students ( ages 3-10), we suggest a little room, but not more than a half size bigger. Any bigger than that and the foot will slide around in the shoe and be dangerous and uncomfortable.

  5. Maddie
    Maddie says:

    I don’t think buying shoes with a little room is a good idea you can hurt you feet. Also depending on the her age and how many years she has been dancing you should go to a store and get their opinion of what looks good how big the shoes should be and get your dance teachers approval.


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