Plie Problem

I’ve been doing ballet for 6 years now (I’m about to turn 16) and all my dancing life I’ve had the same problem.

When I plie, even if it’s just a demi in first, and especially if it’s a grande in fourth, my knees hurt when I come up. This can’t be good.

I’ve tried all the obvious things: pressing into the floor, getting my knees over my toes, fixing my posture. I’d really rather not have to go to a physical therapist. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nobody
    Nobody says:

    I’m not a professional or anything of the sort, but…—OW! Your poor joints!
    That used to happen to me-
    What I did to try fix it was trying to engage my muscles to do the lowering and lifting for my poor joints. I tried to envision my legs squeezing together while turned out and going down, really squeezing my butt cheeks, and thinking tall when going up, while trying to only use my thigh muscles (going for hamstrings, but also using quads) and my glutious maximus(sp?)! But, of course, I wouldn’t take my own advice if it would save my life, so ask a professional! (such as… your teacher!)

  2. elisa
    elisa says:

    As a teacher, i really think you should see a doctor if its been the same for 6yrs! you could be doing serious damage!

  3. JSR
    JSR says:

    I know this response is a few weeks late coming, but if the first response wasn’t helpful, might I say this. I am not a physician, but am presently in school for it. I was a dancer for many years and know exactly what you are talking about. I urge you to see an orthopedist b/c it sounds as if the problem is in your ligaments or tendons, which at your age can sometimes be too short for the bone growth resulting in the ‘feeling’ of something being wrong with your knee cap or bones. If this is true, the doctor will refer you to a PT who will teach you special stretching to lengthen the ligaments. In my case, I ended up ruining my hips badly (over compensating on them vs my knees to pull me up) from not getting help, and my dancing career as a result. Please don’t let it happen to you. Hope this helps and best of luck.

  4. haley
    haley says:

    I have the same problem although it happened to only lately. I dont know what to do but it really hurts. I thought it was because I have the worst turn out ever and am trying really hard to fix that. Any ideas?

  5. marnelle
    marnelle says:

    Due!!! You are screwing out your knees not rotating from your hip socket. yes your knees should be over your small little toes when you are rotating but if you dont have 180deg turn out then you should make your fiirst position a little more smaller and rotating from your hipo socket. your upper leg is doing the rotating not from your knee. thats what you did. If you skrew out your knees to get your knees over your toes then you skrew up your knees and you are going to end up in a knee replacement and not dancing anymore ive been doing ballet for 15 years so I know what Im doing

  6. marnelle
    marnelle says:

    jis like it girl you are skrewing up your knees damit you should not teach someone to do a plie like that ever!! you are doing it all wrong you dont know what you do remove the pics and fix them because you teaching girls wrongly to do the things and then you are messing up their boddies

    no offence but you are suppose to teach them to do the thing right not wrong


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