Tips for a 2-year old

Any tips on how to teach my 2-year old… she’s a natural!


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  1. vickylu1
    vickylu1 says:

    That’s great that she’s a natural. I would just let her do what she’s doing naturally, unless she are well trained in ballet, it is not a good idea for you to teach her anything as there are very specific parts to each movement that need to be just so. For example, getting the standing position right, needs to be spot on for her to copy you exactly, even if she doesn’t manage it herself, if she is seeing little mistakes it could start bad habits. If you want to prepare her ready for classes, the best thing you can do is focus on her listening and concentration skills so she is ready to get the best from classes. I’m not sure where you live but near me there are plenty of baby ballet classes from about age 2 and a half. A lot of ballet movements are physically impossible until the age of three, like hopping, skipping, balancing. You could encourage these with your daughter, making sure you are pointing your toes and standing up nice and straight, shoulders back & down, neck long, tummy in, etc. something you could do it practice good toes, naughty toes sitting up nice and straight. Just be careful about making sure you’re demonstrating correctly to avoid bad habits. Ballet movement is quite different from what is natural. Like pliés, the natural response is to bend forward and stick your bottom out, like a squat, but ballet requires you to keep your torso nice and straight, knees should go outward, not forward, feet should not be too out to the sides when first beginning as it can make balancing too difficult and affect learning of the technique. Sorry for waffling on, just wanted to give you my thoughts. Best of luck.

  2. JeteGirl
    JeteGirl says:

    Teaching a little kid ballet is quite hard because they usually want to be doing things that they want to do. I would wait until she is four and then maybe send her to dance classes.
    In the meanwhile maybe you could turn on music and let her free dance. Most kids love free dancing because they can do what ever they want to do with no limitations.
    It is so great that she is a natural! I’m sure she will be a beautiful dancer when she is grown up.


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