Aurora Danced by Aurelle DuPont and Troupe

This video is a scene of a performance from Aurora. It is from the second act. The stage has multiple ballerinas on it, but they main character’s name is Aurelie Dupont. The rest of the cast is left nameless in the description of the video. This performance was taped in a beautiful theater during either a performance or a dress rehearsal. The theater looks to be very ornate and old.

The countries in which this video is the most popular in are the United States and Japan. The gender that this video is most popular with is women ages 13-17 and then ages 35-44. It is also semi popular with men ages 45-54. The video has gained its most views from the following search terms on youtube: ballet, sleeping beauty, and sleeping beauty ballet. It received over 500 ratings. And it had an average of 4. 71 stars. I think that this is a relatively high rating and it received this rating because it is a very good snippet of a performance that is showcasing Aurelle Dupont.

The comments seem to be very positive. They come on average about once every three days. My favorite comment is from ballarinoula95 and simply stated, “so beautiful”. This was my favorite because I thought it encompassed everyone’s thoughts on this video. Everyone seemed to love this video and I saw very few negative comments. I think that this video would be popular in the age group of 13-17 year old females. I think that they would gain dancing knowledge and stage presence from this video.

Polina Semionova inspires us with her dance

This is a modern-style ballet featuring Russian dancer Polina Semionova. The dance is performed in a large amphitheater, but Semionova dances with no audience. The soundtrack by Herbert Grönemeyer is both haunting and inspiring; her dance is joyous, but speaks of hard times behind her and conquered demons.

The video has been viewed almost 2.6 million times. It is most popular with women, particularly those between the ages of 13 to 24 and 45 to 54. It’s been viewed most often in Italy, but also frequently in the United States and Brazil. The video was posted on YouTube in November of 2007 and experienced a gradual increase in popularity until August 10, 2008 when it was embedded on Facebook. Popularity then increased at a much faster rate. It has received almost 6,000 ratings with an average of 4.91 stars out of 5, an incredibly high rating «Klik hier».

Users commented in Spanish, French, German and English to sing the praises of Semionova. Most admire her beauty and grace and their desire to dance like she does. While some feel she is too thin, others comment on her beautiful muscles. This is a beautiful video that predominantly appeals to females, but has much to offer men, as well. Semionova represents the struggle of the human condition in a way that reaches out to all races, genders and mindsets. She speaks, with her body, the need to persevere.

Watch Emily Kadow performing ballet

This video is of the ballet performance of Emily Kadow in Moscow International ballet Competition. It is just amazing to watch her performing on the stage. The video has got more than 13,700 views so far. It is most popular in U.S.A. The video is most popular with females of age group 13-17, 35-54.

The data shows it was popular since June 2009 and the popularity has increased gradually and this video has obtained most of the views by YouTube search about 2,500 views. It was popular since June 2009 and the popularity increased gradually and it got most the maximum number of views on June 2009 which is more than 5200.

The number of rating video has is more than 38 and the average rating is 4.89 which is high because it is a video of know ballet dancer Emily Kadow and the performance was up to the perfection. Most of the comments are favorable and the post is still receiving the comment though the number of comment is just 2 to 3 on an average every month.

The comment I like most is from Esprit6 which says “wow, that was flawless! Beautiful triple lame-duck! I’ve seen this girl in ballet class at Steps many times, and until I found out her name, I had no idea how well known she was! In class, she’s amazing to watch, but she’s even better on stage! ”. Well people who love watching ballet performance will watch this video especially girls of age group 7 to 45. This is a good video for those who are in this profession or for ballet students to learn something new.