Great combination Alessandra Ferri and Sting

It is an awesome performance by Alessandra Ferri and Sting though the ballet dance was performed by Alessandra Ferri only. The ballet is Choreographed by Heinz Spoerli, music was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and Directed by Fabrizio Ferri. This video is viewed by more than 130,500 people so far. It is most popular in U.S.A, Brazil and Argentina. The video is most popular with Females of age group 13-17, 18-24, and 45-54. The video has obtained most of its views by YouTube Search that is more than 4,700 views. The data since from the beginning shows that the views were increased gradually so the popularity and YouTube search has played the lead role in this.

The rating for the video is over 300 and the average rating is 4.74. The rating is high as the whole concept of ballet dance is somewhat different and the performance by Alessandra and Sting was too good. The most of the comments are positive and favorable and as the post is very old so hardly anybody is commenting on it now. The comment I like most is from neonlight2000 which says “She looks like she is floating, or maybe dancing in water.”

Any person interested in dance of any age group will love it especially girls. Well professionals can learn new steps from this video and students can practice this.


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