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It is about Miami City Ballet Company and Miami City Ballet School founded by Edward Villella who is also artistic director and CEO of the Miami City Ballet, Roca Centre. The institute is training students in ballet dance. It includes testimonials by Edward Villella (CEO, MIAMI City Ballet), Linda Villela (Director, Miami City Ballet School), Rebecca King (Student), Peter Dahl (Student), and Gabriela Gonzalez (Student). This video is viewed by more than 38,600 people so far. It is most popular in U.S.A. The video is most popular with Females of age group 13-17, 18-24, and 45-54. The video has obtained most of its views by the link first featured video and that is more than 14,518 views. The data since May 31, 2008 shows that views were increased gradually till April 09, 2009 but in May 10, 2009 the views went up to more than 14,518 so the popularity increased gradually.

The rating for the video is over 40 and the average rating is 4.80. The rating is high as the Miami City Ballet  and Miami City Ballet School is one of the famous Ballet company and ballet dance training school in Miami so obviously Ballet dance performers and students would like to know more about it. The most of the comments are positive and favorable and the post is very old but still about more than 5 persons are commenting on it every month. The comment I like most is from kdub10009 which says “Miami City Ballet, as with almost any contemporary ballet company out there today, does not only employ ‘classical’ ballet in its repertoire; there are plenty of modern and jazz pieces in their repertory. The only thing you won’t usually find in a ballet company today probably is tap.”

Any person of any age group who love dance and music will love it especially girls. Ballet dance performers who want to change the ballet company or kids, teenagers or adults who have interest in dance will watch this video to know more about Miami City Ballet and Miami City Ballet School.

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